Friday, September 23, 2016

7 Things To Write About When You Have Writer's Block

Happy Saturday!
Earlier this week, I wrote about running out of blogging inspiration. Pat from Gypsy Heart And Soul had a question. Which gave me another post idea, resulting in this post today☺ 

Here are some things you can write about when the almost inevitable writer's block kicks in...

  1. Nature... Maybe it is flowers or landscape.
  2. Your pet(s)- Those critters give the most to write about☺
  3. The weather- the sunshine, sunset, rain, humidity etc
  4. Your thoughts on a post that another blogger wrote that inspired you.
  5. Food you have eaten- Well... Most of us eat everyday!
  6. What you are thankful for- if you are still blank, the opportunity to write. Or, just to be alive♥
  7. A book you have read, or a movie you have watched.


7 Things To Write About When You Have Writer's Block

Friday, September 23, 2016

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  1. well being a quilter I write about quilting or traveling if we are on the road, sometimes if no progress on my quilts have been made I will look for photos of quilts that I love and post about them as I did today. When traveling I post photos of what we are seeing and doing and progress of quilting on the projects I bring with me.

  2. I just posted about things that have happened to me. Basically,stuff I enjoy telling.

  3. As a crafter I enjoy sharing my makes but one of my great loves is my family so I enjoy sharing snippets about them.

  4. Thank you for visiting my blog. Sometimes I fill a post with random. These can include project upadates, a book I am reading, what is going on with my guys, a dinner idea. None of those are enough by themselves but together it makes a post. You have a very pretty blog1

  5. All good ideas, but my blog is more like my journal and I just write about my day. All of those things get included once in while.

  6. Sometimes if I don't know what to write about, I just start writing, as if I'm writing a letter to a friend or my sister, and the words usually just start flowing.

  7. i could make just about every post about my dog! :)
    great suggestions.

  8. Thank you, my friend! I perhaps I "think" too much instead of just writing! :)


  9. Wonderful ideas.....I never tire of reading about everyone's fur babies :o)



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