Wednesday, September 13, 2017

The Real Life Of An Island Girl

With flowers in her hair,  she sips a cocktail while sitting on the beach. She is good at cycling, swimming, dancing and chopping coconuts. And she wears flip flops/sandals to almost everywhere. I guess that's the image of an Island Girl.

Well, here is how the story goes for this island girl.

I love drinking coconuts. Not chopping coconuts. I would drink a coconut (or a few) everyday. But to this day, I still can't chop one open to save myself! As for pineapples, I eat a whole one at a time. And yes, I have recently mastered the art of peeling a pineapple in less than five minutes.

A lot of islanders ride bicycles. As a child, I was given tricycles (at least two), and I tried... It was just not happening. My fear of falling got in the way. Fast forward to the teenage years. I did learn to ride a bicycle, but toppling over here and there is just no fun! Is it just me being clumsy? Or is it the bicycles that should be made with more balance? I vote the latter :) So I don't ride one to the beach. I prefer walking to the beach if I am going to one nearby. And I am really not sure if I can still ride a bicycle, as I haven't been on one since my teenage years.

I get tipsy very easily. So Mocktails for me... Not Cocktails.  One sunny and beautiful day at the beach, in my younger days of exploring, a bartender made me a refreshing cocktail. And it felt like my eyes started expanding after drinking! That was just one of the times when I experimented with Cocktails before I learnt my lesson. I still love sipping my Pina Colada, but it has to be the virgin version.

My flip flop and flat sandals collection is important to me. Both flip flops and flat sandals are casual wear here. But flat sandals are seen as more versatile and are worn on most occasions (especially by women) here. Even to formal events. But this flip flop/flat sandal island vibe has another side to it. We wear our sandals a lot, so they get worn out after little time. I usually make sure to carry Krazy Glue in my hand bag, just in case my footwear fail me. That happens to women quite frequently here.  And I have had to quickly glue my flat sandals while being out a few times already!

Surfing, swimming, water sports... Ahh The wonderful beach life. Oooops! Not so for me. I so very much love the beach life. But this is how I do it. Put on a pretty beach dress, flip flops, pack my beach bag, grab my dog and head out to the beach. I am not swimmer! Neither a surfer.  But I did do some swimming once. That is another story :)  I just love touching the salty water a bit. Maybe some frolicking on the sand. Then I'll spread my towel, people watch, relax and get some sleep on the beach. And drink some nice juice too.

Isn't life always better when you put your own twist to it? Cheers :)


P.S. What is it really like to live on an Island Paradise?

The Real Life Of An Island Girl

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

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  1. it sounds very much like how I would enjoy it too!
    and it sounds just beautiful. :) xo

  2. All that matters is that you are happy where you live. :)

  3. sounds glorious! I used to be a lifeguard so swimming there is something I would LOVE to do! I love all things coconut! It sounds just delightful!

  4. Love your special spin on living on an island, Summer. Carrying Krazy Glue in your handbag...that's a great tip for fixing sandals in a pinch. :)



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