Thursday, September 14, 2017

What Is Your Creative Outlet?

Remember how I mentioned that earlier this year I only worked on projects that allowed me to be disconnected and soulless?

I didn't want to be creative. I didn't want to inspire or to be inspired. It was a numbing experience. Life was black and white... No colour at all. I felt empty and hollow.

Happiness, loss, success, illness, love, sadness... With all the things that we process daily in life, it is such a good thing to have a creative outlet. Or more if possible. Along with releasing creative energy, it allows you to release and express emotions, inspire and connect with others, and connect with yourself as well.

Just a few weeks ago, I was baking and listening to some of my favourite music. It was the first time in a long while that I was allowing myself to be creative. Emotions came alive. I started feeling myself, and my hardened heart started to soften. An issue that I had shoved to the back of my mind made it's way back to the fore front. The tears flowed and I cried. I felt broken, then I started to feel like a heavy weight was lifted off me.

It's amazing to see how working on a project that inspires you and makes you happy can cause you to reconnect with your own self :) Releasing creative energy helps to keep you alive, relieves stress, gives you purpose and usually not only inspires you, but also others.

I have always been a creative person. I draw, write, cook, plan and organise. I am currently working on blogging and photography. And I am really starting to like home decor and gardening. These things put a smile on my face. And working on a project that inspires me helps me to not feel so numb regardless of the challenges I still face.

You don't have to do it all. It doesn't have to be complicated. You can be creative with something that you do in your everyday life. I've also started a pretty kitchenware collection. Maybe you could start being creative with your breakfast, or the way you make your bed. Life is precious, and you deserve to be happy. And we sure can't pour from a cup that is empty. We have to have a spark before we can ignite a fire :)

What is your creative outlet? What things do you like to do?

Happy Thursday :)


What Is Your Creative Outlet?

Thursday, September 14, 2017

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  1. I think the desire to be creative is innate in all of us. It's a way of putting our own stamp on the world around us, be it via gardening, cooking, writing, sewing or whatever. I dabble in lots of things and for me, it's the process of being creative that is probably more meaningful than the end result, although, I do like finishing projects and enjoying them! A thought-provoking post.

  2. I enjoy the process of been creative and the joy that it brings when I give my creations away as gifts. Crochet, always lifts my spirits when I am low.

  3. I agree that we can be creative with everyday tasks. I have always been creative. And when I can't be creative, I feel stifled. Great post!

  4. Summer this was a wonderful post! I used to be a voracious drawer (need to get back into that). I like to color, cooking is a creative outlet for me, writing is (sometimes lol). I love music. I am a creative thinker. I used to garden. I do like home decor when I have the finances, that has put a damper on a lot this year but hopefully that will be changing soon!! xoxo

  5. I'm glad that you are inspired now and working on different projects, Summer. The food looks Yummy. How wonderful that you are focusing on Photography. It is my passion as well. I love decorating for holidays around the house and I love stepping into nature, as it brings me peace every time.

    So glad you're back in blog land. Your words are very special on this post. :)


  6. I like to make book art and button art for creative outlets.

  7. Baking used to be a creative outlet for me, but now I find writing and photography have taken over.



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