Thursday, October 26, 2017

10 Clever Laundry Room Organization Tips

Here a some clever laundry organization tips and tricks that will inspire you to get your laundry done on time :)

#1 Pin lonely socks on a wall art line.

#2 Create a mason jar pocket station.

#3 Use a towel rack to organize hangers that are waiting to be used.

#4 Hang a bin on a wall for collecting lint.

#5 Hide retractable clothes lines in cabinets.

#6 Use baskets to help keep things in order.

#7 Use a cute jar for lost socks.

#8 Create a stain removal station.

#9 If you have limited space or don't like big baskets, use sorting bags instead.

#10 Make a drying rack from an old crib spring.

10 Clever Laundry Room Organization Tips

Thursday, October 26, 2017

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  1. These are some great ideas... I like the drying rack ideas... I hang a lot of clothes to dry, these would work great xox

  2. The drying rack idea is fun and doable...And I really need the lint and loose change containers. I DO A LOT OF a minimum 2 loads/day...7 days/week...but truth be told...I like doing the laundry...the more brilliant the whites, the happier I am...Yes, Sad. I know. :) Thanks for the great finds, Summer.



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