Friday, October 27, 2017

What Are Your Weekend Plans?

Happy Friday! How are you doing?

I had a wonderful week :) My nephew just stopped by with a belated birthday gift. And I am wrapping up work to have a cozy and relaxed evening.

For the weekend, I will be giving my hair some much needed attention, and tending to my yard. The leaves are driving me crazy. I have mixed feelings about leaves. As I do like seeing them at times :)
No laundry for me this weekend, and I will be looking up some dresses for a wedding I have to attend in a week's time.

There is pumpkin in the kitchen. Yay for Pumpkin Smoothie. I am also in the mood for soup. So maybe I'll skip the traditional island Sunday Dinner (Rice and Peas), and make soup instead.
Also, I will be catching up with my blog friends :)

How was your week? What will you be getting up to this weekend?

Have a lovely weekend :)


P.S. Thanks for all your visits and wonderful comments :)

Photo of Geejam Hotel in Jamaica.

What Are Your Weekend Plans?

Friday, October 27, 2017

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  1. have a wonderful weekend - it is going to be cold here - I have protected my plants on the porch - I skipped exercise today so will make time for it tomorrow and maybe run over to the fall festival for a little bit to - I have a quilt that will be raffled tomorrow - but I don't always like to run around in cooler weather so I might skip it and stay home :)

  2. I have no plans, although I have 10 letters to answer so hope I get that done this weekend

  3. It sounds as though you've been busy! I hope your weekend is thoroughly delightful.

    I'm laying low, possibly going to a reception on Sunday evening. Nice to chill out a bit!

  4. Unfortunately me my weekend will be spent cleaning the entire house this weekend. Two rooms down and 3 more to go...Janice



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